Project Lifecycle

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We Follow PRINCE2 Project Management Process

THE PRINCE2 PROCESS based approach that assists in experiencing method with ease management to apply in every project. It is a model of 7 processes that starts consequently with each process specific objectives. We follow the best project management process with PRINCE2 which is result-driven & which signifies your brand value.

Directing a project (PRINCE2 Process)
Directing a Project

Directing a project run throughout the process where it is observed from starts to its end. Directing any project is the responsibility of project board manager to supervise & direct it to a better start with giving a quality end.

The key responsibly of the project board are:

  • Instigation of the project with its roots information
  • Fetching up the controlling details for a better management process
  • Monitoring of project status with proper guidance
  • Confirming the project outcome with other consequences
Starting Up a Project

The first step of PRINCE2 Process starts with pre-project analysis & it is designed to starts with quality measures. Starting up of any project defines short description with project terms & some other elements which are:

  • Confirming the information which is available or not for project team to lead
  • To assign & make project team available to do the project
  • Creation of required plans which makes an excellent start to lead the project
  • Creating & assembling the project team responsible a strategic plan is needed
Strarting up a project (PRINCE2 Process)
Initiating a project (PRINCE2 Process)
Initiating a Project

Initiating a project is a fundamental stage where both the parties contracted with a mutual indulgent about the specifics of the project to be controlled & delivered by the development team. The objective of this process is:

  • Forming a proper management basis on which to proceed
  • Ensuring the project time with quality handling management methodologies
  • Mutually understand the project from both the parties
  • Provide the baseline of the overall project with details
Managing Stage Boundaries

Managing Stage defines the way & policies helps any project management team to deal with the project in such a way that it replicated quality of work is pursuing development teams. The objective of this process is:

  • Providing the needful information to project team with great transparency
  • Assuring proper work procedure which is mentioned earlier
  • Stimulating the team to work cohesively to give a Better outcome
  • Recoding of any test that can be a shift to step further to do it with a recovered way
Managing Stage Boundries (PRINCE2 Process)
Controlling a stage (PRINCE2 Process)
Controlling a Stage

Controlling process makes it very clear to understand the module to analyse, supervise & monitor it for a better final project. This process forms the internal project manager effort to manage & control it on a regular basis.

  • Suggesting better changes
  • Applying any advanced way to make worthy
  • Authorisation of work done by project management team
  • Reporting of necessary information with clear communication to apply in the project (if any)
Managing Product Delivery

The objective of this stage is to make sure that intended services are created and delivered appropriately by controlling team to the client. The objective that defines this process more worthy.

  • Ensuring that the project work is done or not
  • Obtain complete approval of the assigned project
  • Checking of services delivery package system
  • Assessment of work progress & estimate on a regular basis
Managing Product Delivery (PRINCE2 Process)
Closing a project (PRINCE2 Process)
Closing a Project

The PRINCE2 method is known for its step by step working procedure with its step motive. Similar to this step the closing of any project is evaluated by team members to make it full considerably to discharge or deploy.

The purposes of this stage are to:

  • Prepare an end project report
  • Obtaining the formal feedback from the clients about services/product remarks
  • Understanding & properly listening to their final experience of the project delivery
  • Clearing the objective of final project which depicts the development process model

PRINCE2 includes an advanced way to handle, understand & allocate the project model necessities to obtain the finest result project for the client. PRINCE2 applies techniques for its better product which is “PRODUCT BASED PLANNING”. The core benefits & motive of this strategy is to:

  • Writing down product description & creating a product breakdown structure
  • To attain the maximum quality of works while creating the product flow diagram
  • Documentation of project with analyzing the overall risk & remedial measures to deal with it in future
  • Proper implementing the plan with right important strategies for a better result is what PRINCE2 model outlines
Planning (PRINCE2 Process)