Description :-

Meta Technologies invites you to the world of next generation forex brokerage. Learn and try how to upgrade your forex business.

Design :-

Axure, Adobe Photoshop

Development :-

  • Web Server : Apache
  • Hosting Providers : GoDaddy
  • Nameserver Providers : GoDaddy DNS
  • Email Services : SPF, GoDaddy Email, Google Apps for Business
  • SSL Certificate : GoDaddy SSL
  • Content Management Systems : WordPress
  • Frameworks : PHP
  • Analytics and Tracking : Google Analytics
  • JavaScript Libraries : jQuery Easing, jQuery, jQuery UI, Google Hosted Libraries, jQuery Form, jQuery Validate, jQuery Tooltip, FlexSlider, Elastislide, mOxie, Lightbox, Backbone.js
  • Audio/Video Media : MediaElement.js
  • Mobile : Viewport Meta
  • Widgets : Google Font API, LiveChat, Font Awesome, Wordpress Plugins, Twemoji, Contact Form 7, Yoast Plugins, Sitelinks Search Box, Pace
  • Content Delivery Network : AJAX Libraries API, BootstrapCDN, GStatic Google Static Content
  • Mapping : Google Maps API, Google Maps
  • Aggregation Functionality : Really Simple Discovery, RSS, Live Writer Support, Pingback Support
  • Document Information : HTML5 DocType, Conditional Comments, X-UA-Compatible, Google Chrome IE Frame, Friends Network, Cascading Style Sheets, Twitter Bootstrap, Meta Description, Meta Robot, Canonical Content Tag, Open Graph Protocol, Twitter Cards, JSON-LD, Javascript, oEmbed, HTML 5 Specific Tags, HTML 5 Video Audio Tags
  • Encoding : UTF-8
  • CSS Media Queries : Orientation, Min Width, Max Width, Device Pixel Ratio, Resolution