Description :-

Blatantly Blunt was Established In 2007 To Showcase the best music blog, album review, music concerts for Hip Hop, Grime, Dancehall, meme, street art and More.

Design :-

Axure, Adobe Photoshop

Development :-

  • Web Server : Web Server
  • SSL Certificate : LetsEncrypt
  • Advertising : DoubleClick.Net, Google Adsense, Google Publisher Tag
  • Analytics and Tracking : Google Analytics, SiteApps, MailerLite
  • JavaScript Libraries : jQuery, Facebook SDK, Facebook for Websites, MooTools, Google JS Api
  • Audio/Video Media : YouTube
  • Mobile : Apple Mobile Web Clips Icon, Viewport Meta
  • Widgets : Facebook Like Button, Font Awesome, Google Translate Widget, Google Font API, reCAPTCHA
  • Content Delivery Network : GStatic Google Static Content, BootstrapCDN
  • Aggregation Functionality : Atom, RSS, FeedBurner
  • Document Information : Cascading Style Sheets, HTML 5 Specific Tags, Conditional Comments, Javascript, HTML5 DocType, JSON-LD
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